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Been awhile...

2011-11-16 13:22:43 by MarkWillett

Hi all, I haven't forgotten about you all. I swear. I apologize for the lack of updates let me explain a little of whats going on.

Awhile back I posted about going to work on an XBLA game. Well I did.. I started to work on one and had everything ready to roll out. Then I got deployed. I am active military so I kinda had to put that part of my life on hold. That's ok right? Sadly no. While I was deployed I came back and had some things in life I had to deal with. I also got a promotion in the military so I took on a bit more of a responsibility. I also got engaged to the woman I love.

Man things started to work out. However my game just sat there waiting to be made still into the XBLA. I had everything ready to send out for approval had a legal team ready and was basically awaiting a few minor steps. Then my website blew up. Also known to some as I attempted to contact Tom Fulp about the idea when it was starting up. I could have really used his help. We exchanged one email however either he was to busy, or it just didn't appeal to him. The day of the launch I decided to go solo and do without the help of Tom. Bam my servers went into meltdown mode. The first day marked one of the largest hits I have ever seen on a website ever. I did close to 820gb of traffic in one day. It was monumental as November of last year I was able to beat Youtube for whopping 13 minutes as most popular page on the internet. I was pretty stoked as I got close to 200million views in one day. I thank Twitter and my marketing director Shuls who helped setup the beta test for it.

Sadly, the servers overloaded, the site went down and I was 5000$ over my head in bills as VPS's don't come cheap. One day cost me an arm and a leg :(. The quasi youtube / podcasting reccomendation channel engine thats a magazine based on what you like was a hit. I started to talk with another company about expanding and selling.

A company then in January decided it was time to buy it and acquire it from me. I sold TwurQ to a company known as BlueHost. BlueHost payed an undisclosed amount to me for the rights as well as keeping me on board and renaming it. They had a vision to make a unified system that did what I had and include usernames from all social media and bring it to one spot. Basically imagine friendfeed meets youtube meets a magazine. The rename was Blurtsy.

Blurtsy made it 1 month. It then got shut down :( And now. I am back, ready to animate..

Been a long time...

Oh and that game for XBLA... its still coming. I promise.

Hey Newgrounds!

I haven't gotten a chance to be around for a little while. Recently, I was deployed.. however I am back now! Oh boy do I have some great news. I have 2.. thats right 2 games currently being developed for the Xbox Live arcade using the XNA System. Let me give you a quick run down on both!

First off, is Pirates Hate Ninjas (PHN). Pirates Hate Ninjas will be a hack slash PvP (Player vs Player) game. You will start off simply by creating a name, customizing your character then choosing your class. After you have chosen your class, you will choose your side.. Pirate or Ninja. You will be spawned into the world which will contain a host of mini-games, quests for better items.. as well as many other players that are battling it out.

This game is going to be a little unique because we want to offer it for free. I am currently working out the details however.. it looks like were going to attempt to have intervals between the fights which show 'banner' or some kind of ads which will continue to let the game be free.. and everyone enjoy. The engine is a custom coded 32-bit graphics engine which will allow more than 5 million pixel push-thru's without any error being thrown! Since the game was originally coded for PC then ported to XBox Live.. there are some hashing issues our team is working on. However.. we expect to have a working demo of the game in early December. Are you Excited? You shouldn't until you read below.

Introducing the announcement of Cyro: Timeshift. This game is going to be a unique one. You play as Cyro who is a young adventurous kid with the ability to control time. Your isle that you live on Utris, has been plagued by the foul misdoings of Dread Lord Humx. Dread Lord Humx, is stealing all of the life force there is on the island creating all life to turn into an exasperated state of evil. It is up to you to use your powers to control time and shift your abilities of quick-wit and knowledge solving for this adventurous rpg-like top-down puzzle.

You have 3 days to stop Humx, or your isle will be completely depleted of all energy. You don't want that now do you? Using your abilities to see maps, monsters and people in past/present/future forms while still retaining your ability to stay in the present. The fights will be unique.. the adventure will be grand.. and your fingers will be sore.

Prepare yourself... Cyro:Timeshift comes to you early 2010.. by WhoGamer.